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Selected Publications


Health effects related to nature

  • Adevi, A. A. & Grahn, P. (accepted for publication end of 2011) Attachment to certain natural environments. A basis for choice of recreational settings, activities and restoration from stress?, Environment and Natural Resources Research.

  • Adevi, A.A. & Grahn, P. (2011) Preferences for Landscapes: A Matter of Cultural Determinants or Innate Reflexes that Point to Our Evolutionary Background? Landscape Research, in press.

  • Annerstedt M, Währborg P (2011) Nature Assisted Therapy: Systematic review of controlled and observational studies. Scand J Public Health. 

  • Annerstedt M, Norman J, Boman M, Mattsson L, Grahn P, Währborg P (2010) Finding stress relief in a forest. Ecological Bulletins 53: 33-42.


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  • Grahn P, Stigsdotter U (2003) Landscape Planning and Stress. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening vol 2, 1 - 18.


Nature-Based Therapy & Horticultural Therapy 

  • Adevi, A.A. & Lieberg, M. (accepted, will be published 2012) Stress Rehabilitation through Garden Therapy- A caregiver perspective on factors considered most essential to the recovery process, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.


  • Stigsdotter, UK., Palsdottir, AM., Burls, A., Chermaz, A.,  Ferrini, F., Grahn. P. (2011) Nature-Based Therapeutic Interventions. In: Nilsson, K. & Sangster, M. (eds.) Forests, Trees and Human Health. Chapter 11. Pp 309-343.


  • Grahn P, Ottosson, Å (2010) Trädgårdsterapi. Alnarpsmetoden- att ta hjälp av naturen vid stress och utmattning. Bonnier Existens.


  • Grahn P, Tenngart Ivarsson C, Stigsdotter UK, Bengtsson I-L (2010) Using affordances as a health-promoting tool in a therapeutic garden. In: Ward Thompson C, Bell S, Aspinall P, editors. Innovative approaches to researching landscape and health. London: Taylor & Francis. 116-154.


  • Grahn P (2009) Trädgårdsterapi - en exposé, In: Nilsson, G. Trädgårdsterapi, 15-30. Studentlitteratur.


Design of gardens for health

  • Tenngart Ivarsson, C & Grahn, P. (2011) Differently designed patrs of a garden support different types of recreational walks - Evaluating a healing garden by participatory observation. Landscape Research, in press.


  • Tenngart Ivarsson C, Grahn P (2010) Patients’ experiences and use of a therapeutic garden: from a designer’s perspective. Schweiz Z Forstwes  161 (3): 104–113.


  • Tenngart Ivarsson C, Hägerhäll C (2008) The perceived restorativeness of gardens – Assessing the restorativeness of a mixed built and natural scene type. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening vol 7, 107-118.


  • Grahn P, Stigsdotter U (2003) Experiencing a Garden. Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture vol 14, 38 - 48.


  • Grahn P, Stigsdotter U (2002) What Makes a Garden a Healing Garden? Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture vol 13, 60 - 69.


Doctoral Theses






NAHC in the Media »



On April 29th 2011 the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan published an interview with Professor Patrik Grahn on the rehabgarden at Alnarp, the university and NAHC. In Swedish, title in translation 'We are actually world leading'.


On October 25th the Swedish television show Fråga doktorn (Ask the doctor) were interviewing participants and staff from the rehabgarden at Alnarp. In Swedish.


On April 12th Matilda Annerstedt was interviewed for half an hour in the Swedish radio show Tendens (Tendency). Channel P1 at 11.03.

On March 18th Patrik Grahn and Lena Welén Andersson were guests in the Swedish television morning show Gomorron Sverige.

On March 20th and 22nd Swedish Channel 4 showed a ten minute long film about the rehabgarden at Alnarp. 


Book Release »


On March  17 the new book  Trädgårdsterapi.

Alnarpsmetoden- att ta hjälp av naturen vid stress och utmattning was released. 















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